Why Silk?

The natural properties of silk help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage and split ends. Wrapping your hair in our silk is the best way to boost your hair health and beauty.

Moonstone Silk brings you the perfect combination of softness, shine, durability, and thickness. All of our products are made from the highest quality 6a long fiber, 100% mulberry silk, with a 22 momme count and a charmeuse finish.

Benefits of Silk:

1. Skincare

Silk has been scientifically tested and proven to nourish the skin by keeping it moisturized. Silk absorbs significantly less water than synthetic fibers, helping your skin retain and boost hydration. You’re wasting your expensive skincare products sleeping on anything else!

Moonstone Silk products are the powerful, anti-aging tool that works while you’re sleeping to prevent sleep creases and stop wrinkles from forming over time.

Wake up to effortlessly smoother and luminously moisturized skin.

2. Haircare

Silk reduces friction to your hair by 43%, stopping hair breakage, knotting, and tangles. When you sleep on Moonstone Silks, you can keep your hairstyle looking good for days at a time. Our silks also prevents frizz in curly hair. Just as silk helps your skin retain more moisture, it helps your hair stay soft and moisturized too. 

Wake up to effortlessly shiny, smooth, and sleek hair.

3. Sustainable + Hypoallergenic

Our 22 momme mulberry silk is a 100% natural material, free of synthetic dyes, and harmful pesticides.

Silk is naturally inhospitable to dust mites, mold, and fungus. Moonstone Silks are anti-microbial and creates a safe haven for you to sleep peacefully if you have allergies. It is proven to help with acne, eczema, and dry/sensitive skin. Silk also regulates your body temperature and boosts the body’s natural healing process.
Wake up everyday to a restful night's sleep in our luxurious silks..